The One With Stage 1

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I feel fine. In fact, I feel great.

Am I still at Stage 1?

The One With The Smack-In-Ihe-Face Truth

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When you’re young, all you care about is having lots of friends. Then, as you mature, you realize there are much more important things in life—like having lots of friends who are less successful than you are.


The One With The Shutterbogeyman

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A short discussion with a colleague earlier this week reminded me of this cartoon strip that I saw a couple of weeks back.


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The One With The 28th One

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The One With The Secrets, Lies, And (Silicon) Sweatshops

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Silicon Sweatshops. A five-part report about investigations into Chinese manufacturing which is rife with tales of deception. Admittedly, I was surprised to read about the WinTek saga. Despite these investigations, Chinese suppliers are always one up on their counterparts. This reminded me about an incident earlier this year where a Foxconn employee commited suicide apparently over a lost iPhone.

The One With The 舊愛

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La Petite France, Strasbourg, France, Nov 2004. Has it really been 5 years?

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The One From Ueno To Roppongi

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A sneak peak at the Christmas illumination at Tokyo Midtown.


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